Needle Free Acupuncture

Acupuncture points can be stimulated without needles. I use cold laser and microcurrent electricity to stimulate the acupuncture points. These techniques are great for children and sensitive adults. Essential oils and cupping are also used when appropriate.

Needle Free reviews:

Janet Linden is a wonderful caring acupuncturist and woman. She listens to your symptoms and concerns and addresses them gently at a level that the patient can handle. For instance, I can't handle needles. I faint. I know, so why go to an acupuncturist? Well, she is able to treat me with lasers, oils, tuning forks, herbs, and several other methods that don't involve needles. Within six months of treatment I was cured of terrible asthma! I literally couldn't walk less than half a block my lungs were so bad. For five plus years now, I have been asthma free! It is such a blessing to be able to breathe. It is such a blessing to have such a truly amazing doctor!
                                                                                                -M. Stone, Albuquerque

I had gone to a couple of different acupuncturists trying to see if anyone could help with my endometriosis before I found Janet Linden. I have now been seeing Janet for almost 6 years and I absolutely love her! I came to her with horrible chronic pain and within 6 months I went from being in pain everyday to having pain maybe 3 days out of the month. She literally gave me my life back.

Not only is Janet a great doctor but a wonderful listener and healer. She knows just what to do to help you walk out of her office feeling better. Be that just listening to you, using needles, essential oils, cups, tuning forks, lasers, etc.

Janet is a truly wonderful doctor!
                                                                                                            -B. Huston, Aztec, NM


Needle free Acupuncture for asthma, Dr. Janet Linden, Albuquerque

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